At TRIOS, we offer any hunting package. We try to be as accommodating as possible and will be happy to create anything the client may require. Help and advice on the creation of a personal experience is only an email away.

Take a look at some of our standard hunting packages below which can be used as the base of any individual package. The following packages are available within the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Any special requests on particular species not available in the Eastern Cape, can be arranged for the Northern and Western parts of South Africa.


Includes One Professional Hunter


5 Hunting Days

3 Animals (Non Trophy)


1x Impala
1x Common Blesbuck
1x Warthog


One Hunter - $1,550
Two Hunters - $2,000 pp

Ultimate Spiral Challenge

6 Hunting Days

3 Trophy Animals


1x East Cape Kudu
1x Nyala
1x Cape Bushbuck


One Hunter - $3,300

Loyalty Member

7 Hunting Days

6 Trophy Animals


1x Cape Bushbuck
1x Ostrich
1x Springbuck
1x Impala
1x Common Blesbuck
1x Warthog OR Grey Duiker


One Hunter - $2,500
Two Hunters - $2,900 pp


10 Hunting Days

8 Trophy Animals


1x East Cape Kudu
1x Zebra OR Gemsbuck
1x Cape Bushbuck
1x Impala
1x Common Blesbuck
1x Mountain Reedbuck
1x Common Springbuck
1x Warthog


One Hunter - $6,000


6 Hunting Days

Two Hunters per Professional Hunter


Each Hunter May Choose:


Two of the following:


• Kudu
• Blue Wildebeest
• Black Wildebeest
• Zebra
• Red Hartebeest


Two of the following:


• Impala
• Blesbuck
• Warthog
• Springbuck


Total per Hunter - $3,000


Trophy and Day Fees Included


Hunters may ADD game at
Trophy Price List rate

Management Hunt

Cull Animals Only

This package can be added to any package at an additional cost of $1 000 per hunter OR $250 per animal


Hunters may choose from the following:


• Fallow Deer
• Warthog
• Impala
• Kudu Cow
• Duiker
• Blesbuck


• All accommodation, food and beverages
• Services of licensed Professional Hunter, tracker and ground staff
• Transport to and from the airport as well as all ground transport
• Field preparation of trophies and forward to Taxidermist
• Daily laundry services
• 15% government Tax on day rates
• Hunting License
• All required permits


• Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies (Taxidermy)
• All flights
• Accommodation before and/or after Safari dates


US Dollars $

1 x Client with a Professional Hunter

$200 per day

2 x Clients with a Professional Hunter

$180 per day per Hunter

Observer/Non Hunter

$100 per day

Children under the age of 16

$60 per day

Photographic Safari

$220 per day

Rifle Hire and Ammunition

$30 per day


• Services of a Professional Hunter
• Tracker, Skinner and Camp Staff
• Pick up & Drop off at East London Airport
• Accommodation & Catering (Meals)
• Laundry
• Soft Drinks and Bottled Water
• Field preparation of trophies and delivery to the taxidermist
• Hunting Licenses
• All Land Transportation, Vehicles and Fuel


• Lodge Accommodation before and after the Safari
• Firearm Rentals (Rifle, Shotguns, Ammunition)
• Taxidermy Fees
• Gratuities / Tips
• Airfares
• Sightseeing/ Excursions during Safari Dates
• Spirits- (Whiskey, brandy etc)


Price List

Baboon $ 100.00
Blesbuck (Common) $ 320.00
Blesbuck (White) $ 690.00
Bontebok $ 1500.00
Bushbuck $ 600.00
Buffalo (Cape) P.O.R
Common Reedbuck $1,200
Caracal / Lynx
(use of hounds)
Duiker (Grey) $300
Eland (Cape) $2,000
Fallow Deer $500
Gemsbuck $1,150
Hartebeest (Red) $900
Impala $300
Jackal (Black Backed) $200
Klipspringer $1,300
East Cape Kudu $1,100
East Cape Kudu
Over 50 inches
Lechwe (Red) $2,300
Nyala $1,900
Reedbuck (Mountain) $350
Rhebuck (Grey/Vaal) $1,350
Sable P.O.R
Springbuck (common) $350
Springbuck (Black) $450
Steenbuck $300
Warthog $250
Waterbuck $1,800
Wildebeest (Blue) $1,000
Wildebeest (Black) $700
Zebra (Burchells) $850


We prefer to use local taxidermists in the Eastern Cape, with whom we have had good experience. Examples of their work can be seen from the trophies in our lodges and a visit can be arranged to see the taxidermy operations personally.

For processing and shipping of trophies we can recommend reputable taxidermists and put you in direct contact with them.  Be assured we have no financial interest in any taxidermy business.

Your trophies will be cared for by us and delivered to the taxidermist of your choice.

20% deposit fee must be paid in cash to the taxidermist.


What a Great Hunting Experience with TRIO's Hunting Safaris and most definitely recommend to any hunters and friends.

PJ Mauer

In July 2017 I was part of a hunting safari in the Cathcart area, which I had booked with Trio’s Hunting Safaris.

This was an awesome experience.

The booking was done through the internet and it was very quick and convenient. The communication between them and me was very professionally done and they kept me updated on what I needed and what had to be done.

On arrival at the farm we were met by the hosts who showed us to our accommodation and the hospitality throughout the weekend was awesome.

We were briefed regarding the safety of the hunt and the rules and regulations which applied.

Their knowledge of the animals and the vegetation was very evident which made us feel very comfortable. After the day’s hunt, the animals were well prepared for packaging and legal documents regarding transportation of the animals were completed professionally and according to regulations.

It was a great weekend with great friends and fellowship with lots of entertainment.

Hunting with TRIO’s Hunting Safaris , was an absolutely great experience.

Pierre Van Antwerpen

The professionalism of PH Leon Mauer and farm manager Sellwyn Knoetze was of the highest quality , in the veld and around a big African fire at the camp. After a day’s hunting , Leon and Sellwyn make sure that you are comfortable in a beautiful old farm house , where you can be sure to get a good night’s rest.

I highly recommend hunting with Trio’s Hunting Safaris.

This is the place where memories get made.

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Trio’s Hunting Safaris is based in the heart of the Eastern Cape. We operate within the province, specializing in small groups of up to four hunters ensuring our guests have an exclusive African experience.

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